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What is Bachelorette Adventures?

We are a party provider company with more than 6 years of experience that specializes in Bachelorette, Bachelor and Wedding parties and activities in Cancun and Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya)


Do you have a maximum or minimum amount of people required for each group?

We do not have a maximum amount but we do have a minimum amount of 5 guest for some activities and transportation needs.


Do you provide transportation?

We can provide round trip transportation to and from your hotel for your group if needed at an extra cost. Otherwise, there are taxis you can take from your hotel and taxis can be found throughout the night just steps away from all the places we go to.


What is the difference between hiring us or going on your own to the clubs?

Besides the fact that you save money on the drinks, we organize, reserve areas, and provide our staff which is there to accommodate your group!


Can I book my ticket at my resort/hotel?

No, we do not work with any hotels since they charge high commissions that would result in a higher price for you. We advise you to book before you travel since most hotels make it hard or expensive for you to have internet access.


Is it safe to pay online via PayPal or credit card? What is your cancelation policy?
It is completely safe to pay online, we do all of our payment transactions on the American side via verified PayPal and secure connections. We have prior 24 hr 100% refund policy after that no refund


Are tips included with the tour?

Tips are not included! If you wish to tip either our staff or the waiters and bartenders along the way, you are more than welcome to. On bigger groups we do ask for a tip at the beginning or end of activity.


Is it safe to party in Cancun or  Playa del Carmen?

Yes, it’s a very safe place to party. Although in 6 years we have never had a problem, just for your assurance the you will always be accompanied by at least one of our local tour guides anywhere you are.



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